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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Smart TV Box Comparisons And Reviews
  Your Guide To Affordable TV Entertainment

The smart tv wave has created a multitude of ways to watch television inexpensively.

Show of hands, who wants to spend between $60 to $160 dollars a month just to watch tv especially if you lived in the free television era? For you hard line cable and satellite subscribers and non techies out there, you should be aware new ways have been invented to watch movies and television programming for pennies on the dollar. You no longer have to be tied to high dollar monthly subscription, rental and service fees or ongoing contracts. Watch your favorite channels, when you want to without using a cumbersome recording process or hassling with dvd players. Essentially and simply, others store mountains of movies and shows so that you don’t have to and then you just access your favorites through very inexpensive subscription services or for FREE.

Since we’re sick of paying for programming in which we have no interest, we decided to research ways we could watch tv for less. If you are not inclined to research this information, you will benefit from our efforts. Please remember, the world of smarttv is exploding and is barely getting started at the same time. It is changing constantly. So if you read something on this blog that is outdated or incorrect just drop me a note below for the enlightenment of all our readers.

Our goal here is to give you a general comparison of many of the cost saving smart tv boxes on the market such as in the list below (not a comprehensive list)(most manufacturers have more than one version). Not a lot of detailed specification information (which all of us hate) in this blog. When you subscribe to a specific tier or level with satellite or cable, you get many channels you won’t watch. Smart tv boxes take a different approach. They “stream” television and video content such as Netflix and Hulu, News and Sports programming through the internet and you buy only the subscriptions you want. Much of the content is FREE. Several of the boxes have hookups for HD TV. In most cases you need high speed internet access such as DSL or whatever is available in your area.  They can stream digital media signals through your ethernet connection or wireless network at home and are located on or near your tv set.  Check out each Box for different channels and features to suit your needs.

  •          Roku
  •          WD TV
  •          Apple TV
  •          VUDU
  •          Google TV (Logitech)
  •          Sony
  •          LG st600
  •          Micca M-play
  •          Netgear
  •      Boxee Box

There are also software packages that work with game consoles or other media players such as in the list below (again, not a comprehensive list).

  •          XMBC
  •          PlayOn
  •          Plex
  •          Adobe Media Player
  •          Boxee

If you absolutely have to have live major network programming just purchase a good indoor antenna for around $30 to $45 and you’re covered.

  •          Winegard
  •          Terk
  •          Jensen
  •          RCA

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